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Like every human beings have different personalities, power stones also have different personalities. It is our job to find the most compatible stones for you to fulfill your goals / concerns.

We will give guidance for your career, relationship, health, etc and provide custom power stone bracelet to help you move in a better direction!

Custom Order Bracelet Starting from $165~(Including Spiritual Counseling)  We are one of the few individuals in the world whose spiritual purpose is to guide people to live in the positive and most effective ways.  People live with energy everyday.  Positive energy make happier life ~

"We take care of customers with our deepest heart and love treating as if a family member."

"I recently bought a beautiful power stone bracelet from here. The owners Michael and Mia are very personable and friendly. My entire experience here was great. Mia asked me about my goals in life, and anything I wanted to work on. She was able to pick up on my aura and she told me things about my personality and inner self that I was shocked to hear because I only met her in person for a few minutes. 

I felt very comfortable talking to her and she was able to create a combination of power stones that she felt were the right fit for me and would aid me in attaining my personal goals as well as certain stones to help me with my stressors in life and what I wanted to work on as a person. 

They only use high quality materials. Just by the look and feel of them as well you know the stones are of high quality. They tell you how to care for your bracelet and how to recharge it as well. I wear my bracelet everyday and feel that it I made a good investment!"     Review from Honolulu, Hawaii

"My wife and I heard about this place and decided to check it out. At first we were wondering where we were going in the Century Center building as the floors in the elevator were 1 - 3 - 4 - 21 - so on! Upon arriving to the correct floor the hallways were dark and mysterious.. We knocked on the door where it had a cute little hanging doorknob sign saying Honulea. Alas, within seconds, Michael was there to greet us warmly and took us down some stairs into their bright and welcoming store. It's like a gem hidden inside of this old apartment building, you would have never known...

Inside, we met Mia who is the master mind behind the power stones and upon burning some sage she spoke to us lightly about ourselves. To our surprise she spoke to us as if she knew us for years. She was kind but true in what she spoke. Without effort she gently shared what she perceived as what our flaws were while she began to pick out stones to compliment them. Both of us were laughing because the power stones she picked out were exactly what we needed right now... All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I can't say for sure if the stones are fully working yet, but I do have some sensation growing. Needless to say, I'm excited to see the coming effects."     Review from Honolulu, Hawaii

"The experience was really fun, and full of positive energy.  Definitely a first time for us.  Wishing you guys all the best!"     Review from Honolulu, Hawaii

"Mia and Michaels' store is located in Century Center building. The store is very clean and calm, and has nice view over look the Waikīkī. You feel welcome when you get in the shop.
Mia asked what I want to achieved in my life, and She explained to me why she choose the stone! And she surprise me by telling me my boyfriend's personally. He is not even there!!!! She only saw his picture. Thank you for the beautiful bracelet!"     Review from Taipei, Taiwan

"This was absolutely the most incredible experience.  I was a little skeptical at first but after talking with Mia, she told me a lot about myself that was deep inside of me.  She could read my deepest emotions and laid out the my main paths in life.  Of course with all roads there are divergences but she laid out the main path and possible side roads as well.  I am also going through a divorce and she helped me find closure with my situation.  She can also read the people close to you even if they are not there with you.  I could go on about how amazing this experience was. After the reading she will make a bracelet for you, using the correct stones to help you on your main path.  Mia and Michael are a husband and wife team, that really care about their clients.  They really help them find peace and their right path in life."     Review from Los Angeles, California

"I came to Mia for a power stone bracelet because I felt like I needed something to help center myself and get back on track. She got back to me within a few days to let me know that my customized bracelet was ready. The first thing I noticed about the bracelet was that it was absolutely gorgeous. They only use high quality stones, and the colors are so pretty. Mia explained what each stone meant and why she chose them for me. She knew exactly what I needed without me having to tell her how I was feeling. She asked if I had any questions and offered to replace the stones if I felt like I needed something else. Honulea also does custom orders even if you don't live in Hawaii or visit face to face. You can send a photo of yourself and they will create a customized bracelet for you. They also recently opened a really cute store in Century Center.
I wear my Honulea bracelet every day. When I forget to put it on, I can totally tell the difference - I'm stressed and tired. I feel much calmer when I wear it. Thank you Mia, you're a life-changer!"     Review from Honolulu, Hawaii

"I don't usually go to random readings, but my friend highly recommended me to go to Honulea to help me get some clarity. 

After meeting with Mia, I felt that she was very warm and friendly. It was very easy to connect with her. 

She gave me guidance and clarity for my business decision, marriage and health. 

Actually, I was very hesitant about hearing about my possible life paths, because I like to think I am in full control of my future and all of the choices that I make.

I am relieved to get guidance from Mia and her direct reading."     Review from Honolulu, Hawaii

"I love the pretty color of this bracelet, the turtle charm is also super cute!!! The bracelet came in the mail super fast! Mia is very prompt and attentive with questions I had during the process. Highly recommend!"     Review from Boston, Massachusetts 

"Hi Mia! I received my bracelet and necklace today.  The necklace is absolutely gorgeous and so is the bracelet.  I tried them both on and they looked great.  Thanks!"     Review from White Plains, New York

"I'm very happy with my bracelet and would like others to know :)"     Review from Victoria, Canada

"Amazing power stone!!!"     Review from Tokyo, Japan

"They are beautiful. Thank you 😍😍😍"     Review from Bulgaria

"A stormy weather forecast cancelled parasailing plans for my friend and me, but it led us to Mia and Michael so I ain't mad about it. :)

You know those people that just have this air of kindness to them? That's Mia and Michael - both were warm and welcoming and it was easy to be around them. The counseling session flew by and it was insightful to hear what Mia felt/saw in regards to many aspects of my life such as career, relationships, health. Based off our conversation, Mia customized a beautiful power stone bracelet to support and guide me towards living my best life. While she was creating the bracelet, we casually chatted and even got some food recommendations (hello, delicious okonomiyaki!). Once the bracelet was complete, Mia explained the energies/properties of the stones she selected which was super fascinating and spot on with what I need. I'm excited to see how the future unfolds with the support of these stones by my side. 

If you are seeking light, clarity, assurance, or guidance pertaining to any aspect of your life, have a chat with Mia (she does video calls too!).

Mahalo, Mia and Michael!"     Review from San Francisco, California

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